Sony mdr 310 headphones review

Sony mdr 310 headphones review

Hello readers my name Harshad Salvi. I bought Sony mdr 310 headphones before six months ago so, Now you are going experience my six months experience in 3-5 minutes, So let’s start…..

The Sony mdr 310 headphones is a upgrated version of Sony mdr 300 headphones. But as mdr 300 is good, mdr 310 are better and they worth the upgrade.

So to test the quality of these headphones let’s talk about some important points :


If you are familiar with the designs of previous version of the headphones then ones pretty much know what to except from the shape of the headphones.

The profile of Sony mdr 310 headphones is pretty much similar to the Zx 100 as well as the 300, the only thing changed are the vacuum play on the ear cup its now much lighter material than the previous generation.

Build Quality:

Now lets talk about build quality,
If you are familiar with the other ZX 100 or other ZX 300 then then there's surprise for you here again construction is pretty much all of plastic. But there is one point to be note even if it is also of plastic but build quality is better than previous version.
Now the first things that's really really had an improvement is on the ear cup now glad feel they have got rid of the horrible plastic material that they had on before and they have upgraded it. The one more another thing is improved is cable quality now it features a rigid effect on it and it’s flat on one side and obviously its split cable like before and then merges into one and and then its terminate down at the end on really nice 3.5 mm connector.

Sound Quality:

Lets move on the main event actual sound quality of these headphones like ZX 300 they are much better than ZX 100 but are these better than the ZX 300 didn’t really justify paying that extra for the bass seems to be a little more control and because there’s less noise getting in you’re able to hear more of the sound and appreciate it a little bit more than you did on the previous generation one like like I said the bass is it is still fairly deep like one the others one it’s not the most detailed and controlled I’ve heard but then again you’re talking under INR 1000 so you’re not going to be expecting like super controlled and super detailed bass because they just can’t do everything and still charge as little as they as do for these headphones but from what I’ve heard and from what I’ve tested over this past month they have really impressed in the best partment the mid-range again it is a good and decent is it’s got quite bit of detail no collarization or anything so it’s not too bright it’s not dull it’s just so middle it’s quite neutral and its not anything that’s going to blow your way do using anything wow these are absolutely incredible but for the money they’re really really impressive the high frequencies again I’ve noticed this with all the match but a little but sharp not as sharp as the ZX 300 dips even to soften their higher end a little bit on that so its not quite as brittle sounding so it’s sounds is little but more detailed and a little less agitating so you’ve really sharp brittle highs you just like well why so that’s definitely something improved over the previous generation and then finally wave the vocal production now that’s not rally change much through the entire series of these headphones they’re not really needed to because it’s been pretty impressive I mean even from ZX 100 I’ve really impressed with how good they produce vocals like I am saying obviously it’s not going to be as hundred pump out headphones but for the money I’m really impressed I really am and I will stick my neck out say that for 20 quid I don’t think you’re gonna find a better pair of sounding on your headphones I may be wrong there may be some that I’ve never heard of that are better than these but the ones I have actually have heard these are definitely the best offer ever tested and they’re ever reviewed and ever even owned so I’m really high praise for the right so to wrap this.

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